Sometimes things come naturally as life run its course, the time when ideas are mature enough.  Sharing home-cooked food, wine and jokes with your friends after work, is a way of living that many generations grew up in Greece. In ports, in factories, in struggling for survival, people become partners in life and create a common life.

In Mandouki, the neighbourhood port of Corfu, people were either fishermen or sailors and harbour workers. They worked together, feast together, shared their worries and joys. There, the idea of a tavern was born by Giannis Barbas, a young and restless man born and raised in Mandouki.

A tavern in the centre of town offering home-cooked food with Corfiot ingredients and recipes and fresh fish. A tavern that highlighted the sea nature of Corfu. That’s how started in October 1995 «Porta Remounda», the restaurant that accumulates the features of the traditional family tavern, a concept that was developed in Greece during 50s.

The name is derived from the entrance gate to the walled city, existed in the area during the Venetian era (Raymond Gate). Today this neighbourhood is called Porta Remounda.

Giannis wanted his “shop” to be a gate, an entrance to “unusual”: a journey to the age of innocence. Porta Remounda. But for the Corfiots it was always “Barbas tavern”.

The menu is all about the recipes of grandma Evangelia, Giannis’ mother. Pastitsada beef, traditional cooked and served without any changes of the recipe. Mrs Evangelia every morning, and for many mornings to come, cooked with her son and gave orders until everyone in the kitchen reached perfection. 

Cod based on the local “Mandouki” recipe. Tsigareli, original corfiot, bourdeto cooked exactly as they cooked it the fishermen in their boats. Bourdeto, you see, was their dish, cooked with red bell pepper, olive oil and onions, spicy enough for the palate and the stomach. 

There is no measure to pepper in bourdeto recipe, although people from Mandouki added for the taste a spoon of sweet tomato puree.